A Kind of Alaska

A Kind of Alaska


Michele Williams plays the role of Deborah with discipline, subtly and emotional range…creating an increasingly alive countenance …with microscopically rendered physical acting.”
Phil Roberts is secure and convincing in his performance as the family physician.”
“Christina Logan-Bell designed costumes and set with lighting designer Lucy Birkinshaw… As the lights flicker on so they flicker off… we feel a disquiet inside… as a window into to help as look with empathy at a most improbable and hellish torment of the human soul.” – Arts Hub

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Phil Roberts as the doctor… is excellent; likewise Felicity Soper playing the sister who has also dedicated her life…”
“Trent Baker [the director,] creates a first class staging of a of the story of a once young woman awakened after 30 years from a sleeping sickness.”
“The central character of Deborah is superbly brought to life by Michele Williams. Holding the space magnificently, she doesn’t miss a beat.”
“This is masterful theatre…”
– Australian Stage Online

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Williams traps in amber the mannerisms and coquettishness of an upper-class teenage girl lost to time. It’s a finely chiselled performance, brittle with mischievous intelligence and pathos…” – The Age

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