Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

July 2016

Directed by Denis Moore
Performed by Chris Connelly, Michele Williams, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Cassandra Magrath
Lighting Design by Rebecca Etchell
Set Design by Christina Logan-Bell

The simplicity of its staging is fittingly designed by Christina Logan-Bell … Added to this was the subtle yet effective lighting design by Rebecca… The strength of Williams and Connelly lies not only in their opposing dynamics but in their real chemistry which was wholly apparent– there was such an authentic sense of trust, connectedness and embodiment that made their multi faceted interplays so pleasurable to watch….Even more impressive was how they tackled their solo monologues; Williams’ vulnerability at the start of Act 3 was magnificent in its colour and shade, her fragility was heartbreakingly moving. Connelly’s apt timing for the crescendo build of a story was superb, no word thrown away, all manipulation of his audience (both on stage and off) carefully controlled and delivered.” – Natasha Boyd, Theatre People

Excellently Directed by Denis Moore, whom was nominated for a Green Room Best Actor award in 2012 and some of the best acting I have seen in live theatre to date …The intensity was greatly felt in the interaction between Chris Connelly (as George) and Michele Williams (as Martha), two damaged and scarred souls fighting for the deepest of love now at breaking point, clinching to dreams that have passed and driven by the desperate despair of marital breakdown. …Equally convincing were Jordan Fraser-Trumble (as Nick) and Cassandra Magrath (as Honey)” – Lisa Romeo, Toorak Times


Blackbox Theatre
26 Sackville Street, KEW
(on the corner of Daniel Place)
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