The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard


“There are some fine moments and solid acting.” – Martin Ball, The Age

Justin Hosking… generally inhabits rather than merely plays the part of Lopachin… Hosking’s naturalism is refreshing and he goes the furthest in bringing out the humour – particularly the social awkwardness – in Stoppard’s script.”
“…richly contrasting characters are persuasively represented by the large cast.”
“Sarah Ranken is sweet and sincere.”
“David Lamb’s Yasha is simultaneously smug and eager.”
“Eloise Oxer captures the imagination with her governess Charlotta.”
“Kirk Alexander’s ancient servant is like a slow-moving implosion.”- Arts Hub

When… you have to hold yourself back from joining in, then somethings going right…Winterfall gives a fine version of this well loved play…a delight well worth seeking out.”
“Trent Baker’s direction has a sure touch and the tone of the play sits well between the laughs and tragedy.”
“When a production makes you feel like you’re part of the proceedings and you have to hold yourself back from joining in, then something’s right.”
“Kasia Kazmareck elegantly understates the unfulfilled Varya.”
“Phil Roberts (sustaining a painful injury) is unnervingly poignant as Gaev.”
“The ancient Firs is ably presented by Kirk Alexander; his demise at the end completely believable.”
“Justin Hosking brings an Aussie male sensibility to Lopachin… the character is familiar and yet right at home in the period setting.”
“Michele Williams, as Liubov, is extraordinary as the needy self-destructive mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”
“They’re all good.”
– Australian Stage Online

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